About Verse10

Verse10 is a virtual immersion on the decentralised network using the blockchain technology to explore, create, trade and monetize digital assets, solely created for its users.

This is the first metaverse project building a verification and ownership lock protocol for virtual arts and assets, and its open source for other metaverse projects to adopt, but the must stake in our pool to do so and this brings boast to our staking pool and all our verified holders that's users with our vrbot nft get bonus tokens once a staking is yield.

Play our games and earn tokens as you play, join our community and explore all Verse10 utility as an early adopter.

Play to Earn

Successful players are rewarded with our token $VSE as the complete missions and levels, join our community and play as you earn.


Introduction About Puzzle Adventure Game

New 3D mystery adventure game, full of unique puzzles and logic riddles. Find hidden magical artifacts, treasures and crystals, explore supernatural world full of monsters, beasts, paranormal creatures & hidden enchanted objects. Unravel spooky mysteries, escape from scary monsters and solve murders & crimes.

Puzzle Adventure is a product of ©PIXELFEDERATION and is adopted by Verse10 without alterations to the game scenes or act, download and play on playstore and get rewarded in our Discord community, VRBOT Metaverse Gaming coming soon in mobile and oculus.

How to Play

Download game from
IOS or Playstore.

Play the adventure

Find magical artifacts
and treasures.

Verse10 Features

Bringing transparency to the metaverse with a focus on genuine nft and digital assets and a fix to forgery or illegal manipulations and copyright, our protocol is user friendly and does not snitch to user data or termed restrictions, we are working on giving the metaverse the best experience with vrbot.

VRBOT Protocol

Vrbot is user friendly and does not snitch to user data or termed restrictions.

Other metaverse projects or companies can adopt our authenticator tool to their verse to ensure transparency and block asset and arts forgery and theft by staking $VSE in our staking pool and following other processes easy to integrate.

Verse10 Build

Using our builder tool users confect digital arts, products, events and assets and monetize their experience.

Verse10 Explore

Join the legion of virtual realtors, gamers and curators to trade, earn and stake digital arts as an early start adopter.

Verse10 Projects

VRBOT Protocol

Vrbot is user friendly and does not snitch to user data or termed restrictions...

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Verse10 Gaming

Brainstorm our puzzle board game,mission games,multipleplay or challenge other...

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NFT Project

Vrbot nft's will give each holder full access to it's block chain governance voting...

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Verse10 Dao

Verse10 is a social mission,We believe all versers should have a voice in the direction of this mission.

We believe a well formed DAO provides us with the tools to effectively govern a project, promote activities that bring value to the whole, and incentivize innovation and leadership for all members of the community, and no special treats to VCs or early founders.

We want to build a community that is not only fair and open, but prosperous. Because of this, and the nature of Verse10 , we thought it best to start decentralizing one branch at a time.

This will allow us to find a system that works, and iterate upon it. In this way, we can steadily move towards full decentralization as an ecosystem, and improve upon our infrastructure each step of the way.

Roadmap Verse10


$VSE is our metaverse token with a limited total Supply of 1 billion, on the Binance Smart Chian Network. $VSE is the currency of our ecosystem, use token to buy assets, arts, stake VSE and earn yield APY when our staking pool is live, $VSE will be listed on many exchanges after our public sale and dex listing.

Verse10 Team

Brown Marcos

Senior Game Dev & Blockchain Co-founder labyrinths

Peter Bryan

Product Designer CTO

Benedicta Jones

Business Analyst CMO

Robert Gucha

Blockchain Engineer COO

Our Friends